Fluke 80PK-11

Rp 975,000

Note : Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktuAuthorized Distributor
  • Designed for hands free measurement of HVAC temperature measuring applications
  • Use multiple and leave in place for route based routine maintenance
  • Use with any temperature-measuring instrument designed to accept Type-K thermocouples
Model Name Description Price
80PK-11 Type-K Hook-and-Loop Fastener Thermocouple Temperature Probe On Request
80PK-11 80PK-11 Type-K Flexible Cuff Thermocouple Temperature Probe On Request
Measurement Range -30º C to 150ºC (-19.3ºF to 302ºF)
Accuracye +/- 1.5ºC (+/- 2.7ºF)
Measurement Time (Time Constant) 10 seconds
Maximum Voltage 24 V ac rms or 60 V dc maximum for proper safe operation.
Maximum Temperature 150 ºC (302 ºF)
Cable Total Length: 1 m (40 in), 0.97 m (38 in.) lead wire, 49.5 cm (19.5 in.) fabric hook-and-loop fastener cuff
Insulation Material: Hytrel
Width of attachment material: 2.5 cm (1 in.)
Min. Usable Pipe Diameter: 3.8 cm (1.5 in.)
Max. Usable Pipe Diameter: 14 cm (5.5 in.)
Connector Type: Yellow mini-thermocouple with 0.500 in pin
Material: Hytrel 4774
Maximum Temperature: 200 ºC (392 ºF)

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