• Designed to meet IEC 61010-1 CAT III 600V
  • Test leads with remote control switch.
    (For insulation&Simplified Earth Test)
  • Back light function.
  • Color coded scales and range switch position for easy reading.
  • Automatic warning when resistance of auxiliary earth spikes is in excess of tolerance.
  • Can be hung around the neck for both hand’s operation.
Insulation Testing
Test Voltage 250V/50MΩ 500V/100MΩ 1000V/2000MΩ
Accuracy ±5%rdg
Earth Resistance
Simplified Precision measurement 12Ω/120Ω/1200Ω
Accuracy ±3% of full scale value
AC Voltage
0-600V AC ±3% of full scale value
Earth Voltage
0-60V AC ±3% of full scale value

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