Amprobe MO100

Rp 15,500,000

Diagnose potential failure with the MO-100, portable battery powered milliohm meter. Quickly check windings opens or shorts in motors, generators and transformers, wire-to-wire connection resistances, heating elements testing and contact resistance in critical electrical connections.

  • Accurate four terminal measurement down to 100µ ohms does not require test leads resistance compensation
  • Ranges from 200.0m ohms to 2000 ohms with minimum resolution of 100µ Ohm
  • Measurement precision with three test currents with over-temperature protection
  • Protection against inadvertent connection to overvoltage
  • Large LCD
  • Potential lead resistance, current lead resistance checks
  • Auto-hold and auto-off features
  • Lightweight, robust & compact.
  • Indicates measurement errors due to temperature or connection problems
  • “O-Ring sealed enclosure
  • Battery powered
  • IEC / EN 61010-1
  • Test leads, Instruction manual, Shoulder belt, 1.5V(AA) x 8 Batteries
Measuring range 0 → 200.0 mO in steps of 100 µO 0 → 2000 mO in steps of 1 mO 0 → 20.00 O in steps of 10 mO 0 → 200.0 O in steps of 100 mO 0 → 2000 O in steps of 1 O
Test current 1 mA (2000 O range) 10 mA (20 O / 200 O range) 100 mA (200 mO / 2000 mO range)
Measuring ranges: 0-200.0m ohms in steps of 100µohm 0-2000m ohms in steps of 1m ohm 0-20.00 ohms in steps of 10m ohm 0-200.0 ohms in steps of 100m ohm 0-2000 ohms in steps of 1 ohm
Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading ±2 digits over the operating temperature range, -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F), with the supplied test leads
Test current: 1mA =>2000 ohms range 10mA =>200/ 20 ohms range 100mA =>2000m / 200m ohm range
Accuracy: ±0.1%
Protection fuses: Mains = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN Current = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN Voltage = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN Maximum output Voltage (C1-C2) 20V
For complete specs please download the product datasheet under the “Resources" tab.

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