Step 1

Find The Product That You Need

How to buy the products?

    • If you are know well what kind of product that you willing to buy, you may try with search engine beside the logo website, type the name it will show you the information of your wishlist.
    • If you are new visitor, you may search based on Menu>Shop>Fluke/Fluke Networks/Kyoritsu/Sanwa

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Step 2

Register & Ready To Purchase

After you are decided what kind of product that you are willing to buy, let’s continue with creating your account then to proceed your transaction later. First thing that you may need to know, you are needed to use your valid email because we are not responsible if you are using false account that the delivery may cancel or worse, wrong shipping.

Next, after you agree and everything is settled, then proceed to checkout. You may see the purchase form that you need to carefully input, we are not warrant if the data you input is not right or valid. Please check again one more time before proceed the transaction.

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Step 3

Payment Gateway

Make sure to check one more time before you’ve decide to pay the transaction bill. If it all settled, then continue with our payment methods. Have spend happily.

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